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Hydrovac Services: Drilling & Non-Destructive Excavation in BC

Thor Hydro & Drill Inc’s hydrovac services allow you to avoid the dangers of traditional digging, such as damaging or cutting into pipes. Hydrovac excavation is a non-destructive excavation method involving two steps. Pressurized water loosens the soil around underground utilities such as cables, gas lines and other buried utilities. A vacuum system then removes the soil and exposes the underground infrastructure. It is effective on all soil types, including clay and frozen ground. A hydrovac allows contractors to put more pipe in the ground, install more poles, or complete more service repairs by safely clearing a path through utility conflicts. 

Horizontal Directional Drilling

Horizontal directional drilling is the process of creating a prescribed bore path from the surface of the ground for underground telecommunication conduit, power cable conduit, water line, sewer line and gas line installation. Directional drilling has a minimal impact on the surrounding area, and it is ideal for environmentally-sensitive areas such as under roadways, waterways or developed landscapes. We can use small drills for short distances and small diameter lines, or huge drill rigs for pipes with very large diameters.

High Pressure Washing, Steam Cleaning and Flushing

We provide high pressure washing and steam cleaning services for equipment, buildings, decks, sidewalks and any other application where you need tough dirt and grime removed. We also provide flushing services for storm and sewer lines, lift stations and catch basins.

Utility Installation and Repair

We specialize in the placement and repair of utility infrastructure. We can service a variety of utility types, including:

  • Water and sewer lines
  • Natural gas lines
  • Oil and gas pipelines
  • Conduits or cables for telecommunications and power


If you need to excavate a site that is not compromised by underground utilities, we offer regular excavation services for demolition, construction or landscaping projects.

For more information about our hydrovac services, give us a call – we are happy to discuss the best excavation method for your job site. We are based in Abbotsford and we provide hydrovac services from BC to Saskatchewan.

Need Hydro Excavation?

We offer expert services for uncovering underground utilities

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